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Get Involved

Interested in bringing Coins for Life to your parish, school or workplace?

Call 416-204-9749 or email info@coinsforlife.org and get involved!

What else can I do?

  • Become active in the Pro-Life movement wherever you are by standing up for life from conception to natural death - set up a Pro-Life nucleus in your parish, your office, your school!
  • Get educated, read the facts, and learn how you can make a difference in your community. If you need help? Invite Pro-Life speakers to your parish, youth group and school
  • Participate at the annual National March for Life in Ottawa each May
  • Get involved in 40 Days for Life in your area
  • Be a leader for Lifechain in your area
  • Write to your local media about Pro-life issues, write your own blog, spread the word
  • Share your ideas with us on how to make the Voice for the Defenseless grow in our country–we want to hear from you
  • And most importantly, PRAY, PRAY and PRAY

If you participated in the Coins for Life Campaign and you wish to be thanked in a personal way for your contribution, please provide your name, address, telephone and/or email and the name of your parish and you will be contacted by Campaign Life Catholics.

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